Find the ideal clients with a clear message.

If you are anything like us, the amount of communication we receive each day can be overwhelming. It causes us to become distracted and confused.

When the time comes to select someone to do business with, we are often forced to struggle with complex messaging and insider language when trying to understand what they do. Conversely, business owners are baffled that the valuable resources directed to marketing are not producing the desired results.

We understand the challenge and have a solution.

Open Window Marketing was created to meet the need for clear and authentic messages. Lisa McGuire launched the company by seizing the opportunity to continue doing what she loves, giving her all to make people and organizations sound great and look even better.

The company collaborates with other StoryBrand Certified Guides and like-minded professionals who prioritize customer service as a given, not an afterthought, making doing business better for all.

Meet Your Guide – Lisa McGuire

Marketing strategy, branding and copywriting services to grow your business.


  • Helps you find the right clients & grow revenue
  • Speaks authentically with a customer-centric approach
  • Engaging speaker -Lunch & Learn & Brand Launch Seminars
  • Certified StoryBrand Guide
  • Equipped to help you become a winning and confident business leader


  • Nearly 20 years of marketing & communications expertise
  • Service-based business, start-ups, coaches, consultants, non-profits, and education


  • Strategic thinker
  • Positive catalyst
  • Life theme: Elevating others to better versions of themselves

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