It’s no secret that success in business is directly connected to the relationships we build. These relationships are sparked by a curiosity of learning about the other person and listening to their needs. Rich connections are birthed with a concern to help others reach their goals. The conversations should create feelings of empathy and a desire to help. And, they need to be authentic.

Even though we know this, when it comes to marketing, many businesses put these “relationship guidelines” to the side and spend most of the time speaking about themselves…how wonderful they are, the company awards, and the many features that make them the best choice. They may even try to impress with technical terms to demonstrate their expertise, leaving the listener confused and wondering what this has to do with them. In an effort to get the sale and look superior, at times they may even criticize their competition.

If you are a customer looking for a solution to your problem, what are you feeling when you hear this type of marketing message from a business? There is little that resembles a whisper of desire to have a relationship. It becomes “blah, blah, blah”.

It’s way too much work to figure out how what you are hearing has to do with the problem you are trying to solve. Your eyes glaze over, and you shut down. If you are on a website, you can’t get off fast enough.

To win for your customers and in the marketplace, marketing messages should be focused on the customer and the value they receive. The customer should be the hero!

This is one of my core beliefs about how to do business. This customer-centric approach is the “secret sauce” that helps my clients develop strong brands.

At the end of the day, we don’t have a business if we don’t have customers. My commitment to becoming a customer advocate is so strong that I trained to become a StoryBrand Certified Guide. In most of my client work, we start by creating a messaging guide which helps my clients engage customers and build very strong relationships. Their messages lead with empathy, demonstrate credibility, and earn the trust that comes when they exist to guide their customer to become the hero and win the day.

  • Their new marketing helps qualify leads and convert them into ideal clients.
  • Websites make them money rather than serving as a brochure.
  • Sales decks and presentations are compelling and drive revenue to new levels.
  • Meeting agendas produce fruitful outcomes.
  • Time is saved, marketing budgets are well-spent, and businesses create strong relationships with their customers and within the culture of their business.

These companies empower their customers, rather than reminding them of their inadequacy.

I love working with my clients. They are the good guys who exist to serve their customers.

My privilege is serving as their guide to equip them to grow their business while becoming better versions of themselves.  And, at the end of the day, isn’t serving others what it’s all about?

Lisa McGuire is the CEO and Founder of Open Window Marketing.  Her superpower has been described as “making others look good and sound great.”  She follows her heart in serving business leaders as a Certified Business Storyteller to position their brands and remind them of the importance of the customer experience.  Lisa can be contacted at

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