Monitoring Progress 90 Days In

When speaking with other entrepreneurs, I often find the conversation drifts to topics addressing strategies and techniques to work smarter, not harder. Since we’ve moved into Q2 it’s a great opportunity to look at how things are going in relation to the company goals we set for the year.

Like many of you, I selected a single word theme to align with my goals. If you haven’t done this yet, it’s not too late. My word for 2019 is “Blossom” to create a strategy that allows me to nurture and grow the seeds I planted in my first year of entrepreneurship. I’ve encountered others who selected “Take Action”, “Refine”, “Energize”, and “Simplify”. There’s no right or wrong choice. The word you select has to have meaning for you and where you want to go in your business this year.

How do you begin to evaluate where you are in relation to those goals? Certainly, you can measure revenue, count the number of inquiries, and add up the potential in the pipeline, but I wanted to take it further. In my case, I had five areas of concentration for the year. When I revisited the first three months in my memory, I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be in relation to the vision I had for Q1.

Since I know that gratitude is an important component that leads to success I wanted to start there. It is one of the key drivers I use in operating my business. I keep a gratitude journal that allows me to record things that lead to a Meaningful Life.

The “Gratitude Goal Tracker” is something I’ve developed as an additional way to evaluate progress in my business. It includes the numbers to track frequency, potential, and results…but it does so much more. It allows me to visually see what I’m fortunate enough to be able to do and to see how my efforts contribute to help others achieve the dreams they have for their companies.

To create your own Gratitude Goal Tracker, feel free to follow my method or create a version of your own. I’m sure my process will have several iterations, but here is where I began.

The review started with a large 11” x 17” paper divided into five horizontal sections, representing each goal category.  At the top of each section record the goal. Open your daily calendar for the first three months, listing each activity under the appropriate category.

This will give you a clear picture of how much has been accomplished and where you are working outside of your goals. It’s a great way to monitor progress and adjust what needs to happen in the next 90 days. You will see exactly where your energy has been channeled.

Taking the time to do this has re-energized me. The Gratitude Goal Tracker hangs on the wall within easy view to remind me of where my time should be allocated. Now, I’ve decided that waiting 90 days is far too long and now will be tracking my activities at the end of the week.

Since doing this I’ve shared my process with others who wanted to know more, thus the reason for this entry.

We are better together than going it alone. I’m curious to know what you do to make sure you keep motivated and stay focused on your goals?

Open Window Marketing, LLC and Lisa McGuire

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